People to follow by topic

This is the part where I try to give credit and any exposure I can to all the wonderful online resources I’ve found through the years.


StatQuest Josh Starmer breaks down every statistical and data science related concept you can imagine into perfectly explained and wonderfully visualised pieces. I cannot recommend this channel highly enough, it has helped me a lot in grasping multiple concepts.


PowerPlayChess Daniel King does his best to make the flow of quite complex games understandable to us mere mortals. He gives excellent expalantions of the games, strategy, plans as well as practical advice drawn from his experience (he is a GM) about which positions are difficult to play despite the computer evaluation.

BestOfChess Sam Copeland offers great analyses to many recent and old games. His best of the decade (for all the decades!) series is great and gives a clearer understanding of how the players viewed the game, what the theory was at that time and how the perspective for the same positions has changed since then also with the help of computers.

Daily dose of chess Really funny chess clips of various streamers, players etc. 3-4 minutes at a time, great for a quick laugh!


Goal guys Two brothers (Cam and Brendan) try to improve various aspects of their lives: Sports, focus, reading speed, calisthenics abilities, losing body fat, you name it! They have an entertaining way of describing their plan, difficulties and showing how they overcome them. My only question is always how do they gain the weight back after their workout challenges but I think it comes down to sweets 😄


The Plain Bagel Richard Coffin (or the plain bagel) tries to translate financial terms and events throughout history (the great depression, the Greek economic crisis, Bitcoin etc.) into plain English. The explanations are very clear and he tries to list both the positives and negatives of the issues he analyses.

New Money Great channel for almost daily updates on the stock market and the world of finance. Countless analyses of the portfolios of many famous investors as well as helpful explanations about how to interpret these “chess moves”.